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Started on 08/03/2013

Harry Centric Zianourry

Title:Harry’s Thunder

Author: tigerhazza

Description: Harry’s afraid of thunderstorms and the boys are out clubbing when one strikes.

Title: A Flight to Remember

Author: tigerhazza

Description: (prompt) Could you please write an ageplay prompt where the boys are flying somewhere and it’s a long plan trip and Niall’s a toddler and Harry’s a baby, and Harry’s really fussy and tired and sick throughout the whole flight?

Title: Free Day’s of Sickness

Author: tigerhazza

Description: (prompt) Can you write a Zianourry where Harry gets like sick to his stomach when they have a day off, but he doesn’t tell anyone, they find out when he gets sick?

Title: Ignorance (Part 1) (Part 2)

Author: tigerhazza

Description: Harry does something wrong and gets yelled at and put in time out. The boys forget about him but when Louis comes back home he finds Harry and, disgusted, he runs away with him.

Title: Drunk Anniversaries (Part 1) (Part 2)

Author: tigerhazza

Description: It’s the boys anniversary and Harry makes them dinner but they come home drunk.

Title: Disorder (Part 1) (Part 2)

Author: tigerhazza

Description: Harry believes the boys hate him and he overdoses.

Title: Not Alone

Author: 1dpromptwriting

Description: (prompt) Harry14. Harry starts wetting the bed on tour/XFactor and he hides it. One day it’s storming and he’s scared and he needs the loo but he’s too scared to go so he ends up having an accident and the boys help him. a few nights later Z finds him washing his sheets and Harry thinks he’s going to be kicked out but Z comforts him

Send me any fics that aren’t on here. Message me asking for a fic if you can’t find it… message me whatever you want really :)

Jasmine xx

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